The Best Way To Start Your Day
By Terry R. Wolff

Wolff Publishing Works


This book is about Tai Chi Breathing Exercises, simple breathing exercises which can boost anyone's day.  The author shares with you a series of simple exercises he was introduced to some twenty six years ago.  The author who once suffered from chronic back problems owes his active life style to these exercises and meditation.  In 2006 when doing these exercises, it came to him that it was time to share these with others who are looking for an easy and rewarding way to start their day or to even end a stressful day. 

Purchasing this book could be the best $20 you ever spent.  That is if you follow the exercises in the book of course.  Prior to doing these exercise, the author had been suffering from ongoing back pains as a result of a bicycling injury.  "I didn't start these exercises with any thought that they would actually relieve me from my back pain.  This is just an added benefit which I am extremely thankful for.  Looking back it is hard for me visualize just how debilitating that pain was and that the doctors warned me that I would have to learn to endure with them for the rest of my life."

Wolff Publishing Works
Taos, New Mexico
ISBN 0-9669299-5-0
Size: 8.50" by 11"
December 2006